Nature – Bracciano Lake

Lake Bracciano is a body of water of clear volcanic origin. Its circular shape, like that of Lake Marginano and Bolsena, is a logical consequence. The lake, like the whole surrounding area, is protected by the presence of the Regional Natural Park of Bracciano and Martignano which, in the area of ​​Oriolo Romano, also oversees the management of the Monte Raschio beech forest UNESCO site. The presence of beaches and the protection of water make the lake swimming and full of sustainable initiatives such as rowing boats, pedal boats and sailing boats. The use of motor boats is prohibited.

Oriolo the beech forest and the UNESCO

The ancient beech forest of Oriolo Romano, a UNESCO heritage site, is a very ancient forest that has not undergone changes for many centuries. It is a very special place, which has the peculiarity of growing just 450 meters high instead of the usual 700/900 meters. Since 2017 it is protected by the UNESCO for its global ecological value and is part of the Natural Park of Bracciano and Martignano.