Dedicated to RomaTRE students who love camping and the outdoors.
A beautiful pitch in the shade of olive and pine trees, a beautiful lawn and the freedom to live in contact with nature.
Toilets with hot water and shower available with shared fridge and electric cooker.
Breakfast included! If you use the train we do shuttle service from Oriolo station.

€ 10 per night for each tent with 1 guest
€ 15 per night for each tent with 2 guests
€ 18 per night for each tent with 3 guests

For info and reservations, write to:

National Meeting of Authentic Villages

On the occasion of the event we offer the availability of parking places in garden shares (10,000 square meters of park and olive grove) for campers and tents.
— Camper area € 15 day crew included.
— Camping tent area 10 € per day with up to 4 guests.
Included services:
A room dedicated to guests with WC, shower, sink with hot water;
A small room for guests;
Electric kitchen shared among guests;
Fridge shared among the dormant;
Wi-Fi in most of the area dedicated to guests;
LCD TV to view photos and other media;
Gazebo with table;
Non-purified spring water;
Illuminated park;
Availability of one (1) outlet per camper area
Purchasable services:
Breakfast 3 € per person
Other services (walks, trips …) to be agreed
There are very few seats available to increase guest comfort.
For info or reservations contact us at: