Introducing ourselves

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We are a family structure that adheres to the “Garden Share” initiative, a new way to encourage and offer a gentle and slow tourism, more aware, more sustainable for the environment, more attentive to the needs of guests and communities while keeping costs low. If you love living outdoors, spending a weekend with your friends, relaxing and visiting the natural beauties of Tuscia, its historic villages and Etruscan sites immersed in the woods that cover this wonderful land, you are in the right place, you are in lacastellina15. We have made available to guests a part of the property, of 10,000 square meters, where you can camp in tents or let the camper stop so peacefully enjoying your free time. Welcome to Lacastellina15!

What we offer
As we would like it to be castellina15 is the question we asked ourselves starting this adventure. We wished it to be genuinely welcoming to people and animals, friendly and understanding. A place where one can be light and carefree, where to let dreams go, where the fatigue of the journey melts between a smile and a reflection. Where you can rest in peace and play in company, where to confront each other to understand each other and imagine new roads together. A pinch of technology, free WiFi, a bit of comfort, bathroom with shower and hot water dedicated to guests with an electric kitchen available to which is added a small fridge to share, and a lovely gazebo near the fire point where to enjoy the cool summer evenings in the company. This is Lacastellina15.

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